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contributors/mary evans/18th century celestial star map planisphaerium #media dmcs-9101209
contributors/mary evans/le furet corsets poster #media dmcs-9101163
contributors/mary evans/panhard travel poster #media dmcs-9101135
contributors/mary evans/phrenological head scrap #media dmcs-9101119
contributors/mary evans/typus orbis terrarum 16th century world map #media dmcs-9101207

18th century Celestial Star Map - Planisphaerium Coeleste




Panhard travel poster




Typus Orbis Terrarum 16th century World Map

contributors/mary evans/magazine cover automobilia flight #media dmcs-9101181
contributors/mary evans/art deco cover theatre world november 1925 #media dmcs-9101175
contributors/mary evans/cover bystander #media dmcs-9101161

Magazine cover, Automobilia and Flight


Art deco cover for Theatre World, November 1925


Front cover from the Bystander


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